The Sport and Movement Programme for your 4 Year Old

The Programme for Four Year Old Children

The DINKIES programme is specifically designed for 4 and 5 year olds, and is perfect for youngsters just starting school. Using a series of structured lessons, your child is given the opportunity to practice skills which will develop their confidence to continue the exciting journey into sport participation and tackling more advanced sport skills.


Programme Emphasis


The continued development of the manipulation skills for popular sports played at school.

Skill Sequence

The introduction of 'reflexes' and 'positioning' which is a crucial requirement in the execution of a skill.


We focus on confidence to participate in sporting activities and games with competence.


The continued development of your child's enjoyment for sports participation.


We develop socials skills with the intended outcome of social integration with other children.

Listening Skills

Development of concentration and listening skills to aid your child in the classroom.

The Bulding Blocks

This age group is a particularly exciting time in your child's life - the fundamental building blocks develop and form the base for progress in all aspects of formal and informal learning, whether academic, social or cultural. Our aim is that your child develops a healthy and positive association with sport!

What Your Child Will Achieve

Our DINKIES programme develops a wide variety of ball skills, places an emphasis on individual participation, and gives the necessary confidence to overcome any fears or anxieties about playing sport.

By the end of the Dinkies programme your child will have a high degree of sports competence.

Hear from a Coach

"It’s wonderful to hear how teachers can tell us that they see the distinct difference in the classroom between children who do Playball and those that don’t."

Hear from a Parent

"Dinkies is great because it sets children up for school sport. My child is really beginning to understand that he can take part in sport and have loads of fun."